Dicro Heart Keyring


This shiny keyring is constructed of dichroic glass, which is glass coated with filters that display different colors when viewed at different angles. It is mesmerizing, to say the least! A keyring like this is one of a kind and will make it easier to describe to people when you misplace your keys!

This dichro heart measures 1.5″ x 1.75″.

  • Yamaha piano and piano key not included.

If your inner-geek is dying to know more about dichroic glass, read on:

Dichroic glass is glass that displays two different colors by undergoing a color change in certain lighting conditions. … The commercial title of “dichroic” can also display three or more colors (trichroic or pleochroic) and even iridescence in some cases. Modern dichroic glass is available as a result of materials research carried out by NASA and its contractors, who developed it for use in dichroic filters. However, color-changing glass dates back to at least the 4th century AD, though only a very few pieces, mostly fragments, survive. It was also made in the Renaissance in Venice and by imitators elsewhere; these pieces are also rare. (Source: Wikipedia).

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